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Valetū is a mobile application that connects businesses with the drivers they need through a reliable peer-to-peer on demand network, anytime, anywhere, and for any reason.

Valetū partnered with us to develop a one of a kind mobile application.

Valetū is a full suite of tools consisting of a business side web portal, used to create “Valets”, a landing page, and a driver side mobile app. The app features:

  • Driver onboarding (background checks)
  • Geolocation tracking (GoogleMaps)
  • Accepting or declining of “Valets”
  • Full Stripe payment integration (driver pay)
  • Push notification services
  • Secure Google, Facebook, and email authentication

…and much more!

Today Valetū can be found through their website as well as both iOS and Android platforms.

Our team is responsible for the complete design/development of the Valetū web portal and mobile application.

We continue to provide ongoing support for this application and have performed numerous updates, bug fixes, redesigns, and scaling to accommodate a larger user base.